Safe Energy Foundation

Country: Poland 
Incubator: Business Incubator within the Elbląg Technology Park 
Sector: Other service activities 
Address: ul. Stanisława Sulimy 1, 82-300 Elbląg
Contact: Sebastian Kwapuliński
Safe Energy Foundation was established with the aim of transferring knowledge, inspiration and support for environmental and energy projects. We are trying to build a space for discussion, meetings and exchange of experience in the area of the wider energy and energy security - both on local and international levels. In our business, we try not to estimate energy sources in terms of their origin, but primarily by examining their impact on the environment. We support investments that lead to the production of energy in a sustainable way and without disturbing the surrounding environment. We work with companies from the conventional power industry and renewable energy, as its main objective putting promote informed and safe society initiatives.
Safe Energy Foundation