Nutrimilk Sp. z o.o.

Country: Poland 
Incubator: Business Incubator within the Elbląg Technology Park 
Sector: Manufacturing 
Address: ul. Stanisława Sulimy 1, 82-300 Elbląg
Phone: +48 668 828 706
Nutrimilk Sp. Ltd. is a rapidly growing manufacturer and supplier of powder mixtures and blends products. The company relies on the excellent quality of the food, which is why its products and milk preparations are suitable for virtually all applications in the food industry. Among other things, meet the expectations of producers of bread, ice cream, beverages, etc. It is planned to move from the incubator to own factory, being built in a close vicinity of Elblag Technology Park.
Nutrimilk Sp. z o.o.