Country: Belarus 
Incubator: Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU "Polytechnic"  
Sector: Other service activities 
Address: 22/2nd corps-309th cabinet, Y. Kolas str., Minsk, 220013-BY, Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375(17)2863332; +375(29)6212246
Contact: Siarhei Malashanka
Nilogaz carries out its activity in scientific and technical field in the area of environmental protection. It is specializing in holding examination of technological equipment, which is the source of pollution, holding quantitative and qualitative analysis of the structure of harmful substances emissions, which pollute atmospheric air, holding inventory of the sources of harmful substances emissions in the atmosphere, inventory of wastage, development of standards of maximum allowable emissions, ecological passports and passports on vent systems and dust and gas catching devices, development of documents regulating treatment with wastage, standards of wastage formation on manufactories, and analysis, generalization and preparation of periodic information about the results and quality of work SRL (Scientific research laboratory).