Country: Belarus 
Incubator: Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU "Polytechnic"  
Sector: Other service activities 
Address: 67/2-114b, Nezavisimosti ave., Minsk, 220013-BY, Republic of Belarus
Phone: + 375 17 292 70 66; + 375 17 296 68 31; + 375 29 656 63 25; + 375 29 776 21 41
Contact: Vasisliy Artushchik
The main areas of scientific and technical work of the enterprise are: production automation on basis of automated weighing and batching systems and software development. The automation projects are carried out in different branches such as building materials and road construction materials. In each case the automated control system is individually developed, produced, mounted and set up at the production site. Our organization is also specialized in the area of the application software of metrological measuring systems. The accent is made on the creation of inexpensive software for automated measuring (in particular - weighing) systems. Main areas of specialization: production automation on the basis of automated weighing systems; creation of highly effective control software for industrial objects of different purpose; production of batching systems; development and research of batching elements and devices; development and research of effective jam-resistant weighing elements and devices; certification of weighing and measuring equipment.