Country: Belarus 
Incubator: Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU "Polytechnic"  
Sector: Other service activities 
Address: 77/208, Partizanskiy ave., Minsk, 220107-BY, Republic of Belarus
Phone: + 375 17 296 17 23; + 375 17 231 06 86
Contact: Mikalai Khomich
State small enterprise “Polimag” was created in 1991 and since then is specialized in technologies and nanotechnologies research, engineering and commercial development of equipment, technologies and nanotechnologies polishing in magnetic field for precise part surfaces of electronic, optical, laser and other technology. “Polimag” develop technologies and equipment for magnetic-abrasive machining (MAM) of the surfaces of different materials. For example, MAM of silicon plates (integral schemes substrates), optic glasses and fluorides (active elements of lasers) forms a surface nanorelief with roughness of less than 20 angstrom. The process is easy for realization and efficient, it surpasses the analogues in quality, economics and ecology