Business Incubator is a place dedicated to people who are starting or planning to start a business as well as for entrepreneurs who are in the market for less than 3 years. Incubator offer is unique because we support young entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their career in various fields. At the beginning we have free of charge offer. We help to organize your business, find first orders or invite you for interesting for you conference or workshops. Our commercial offer is very cost interesting. Firstly there are different packages of services that include virtually address, marketing and advices services, first class meeting room to use. We also rent fully equipped and furnished offices on favorable terms and provide well-equipped conference rooms as well as technology advanced laboratories. You can also benefit from being a neighborhood of other companies or research institutions and build your business contacts.

Max Funduszy



Cooperation in the delivery of tools and industrial services

Nutrimilk Sp. z o.o.

Manufacturer and supplier of powder mixtures and blends of milk

Open Transport

Transport consultancy in the field of international road transport

Safe Energy Foundation

Environmental and energy projects