Creative incubator; “Hub Riga” Ltd, business incubator “Creative Andrejsala”, operating creative industries BI in Riga

Play Wood

Company producing different wood based memory games, toys, play money, office supplies, wooden magnets, reminders, gift items, key rings, Christmas decorations and other.

“Amber Sound” Ltd

film and TV program production

“BeCarousell” Ltd

fashion design, clothing

“Black’N’White games” Ltd.

IT and gaming

“Captomatic” Ltd

IT, gaming

“ChSun” Ltd.

exterior design and architecture

“Connection Codes” Ltd

IT and gaming

“Ergostate” Ltd.

interior desing, furniture

“Escapeland” Ltd.

entertainment and gaming

“FCI Dogs” Ltd.

IT and data management

“Flow Design” Ltd

interior design

“Furnny“ Ltd.

interior design and architecture

“If It Rains” Ltd.

“MAY Fashion Agency” Ltd.

marketing agency

“Miesai“ Ltd.

fashion design

“Rain Is AR” Ltd.

fashion design

“Red Is The New Black” Ltd.

fashion design

“Rewood Kuurland” Ltd.


“Sonocase” Ltd

home electronics