On October 16th 2016 Teknikdalen Foundation changed name and became Dalarna Science Park. Dalarna Science Park is an innovation arena that supports the development of people and companies that possess growth ambitions. We wish to contribute to high quality trade and industry development in Dalarna, for the benefit of the companies’ competitiveness and innovation ability. We offer customised processes for both new entrepreneurs and established companies. In the Business Incubator Dalarna Science Park offers effective business development processes for entrepreneurs with new business ideas and companies with growth potential. Dalarna Science Park also work with innovation processes in established businesses with a broad perspective. Innovation does not only concern the improvement of products. It is equally concerned with the improvement of services, processes, customer contacts, and supply chains. Our work model is built on Open Innovation, among others, and is based on involving players, who are outside of th e company, in the innovation process.

Dala Mark & Transport AB

Concept for earthworks

Dalecarlian Horse Adventures

Riding and horse adventures

Dalform AB


Djura Missionshus AB

Epic Living Sweden AB


Fina mig i Hedemora AB

Producing and distribution of cosmetic products over the internet

HiMa Sweden AB

Product to detect and prevent flooding in sewage systems

Idre Byggservice AB

House constructions

In Situ


INKA of Sweden

Products and food based on inka traditions

Innordica Design AB

Developing different living and housing concepts

Invent i Falun AB

KME Visioner AB


Develop and producing tools to prevent strain injuries

Krylbo Elektra AB

Kulinariet AB

Production of local food products

Lammet o Grisen i Butik AB

Producing and selling high quality dinner product


Food products

Myrbjörk AB

Research Electronics AB

Production of microphones

Säker Trafik Dalarna AB

Concept for safe and eco-friendly driving

Skyltstället AB

Franchising and production of visual advertising products

SwedEast Essential Oils

Products based on aloe vera plants


New process for quality assurance