ZAO “TPM” is working in different areas, such as: provision of quality and accessible infrastructure; rendering a wide range of consulting and information services, including those of investment planning, business planning, technological marketing, accounting and taxing; organization of educational activities to raise competence in essential business fields; assistance in getting funds; carrying out activities encouraging business start-up; assistance in forming strategic alliances; development of horizontal links and links with new knowledge centers; support in internationalization of innovative SMEs.

Individual entrepreneur Aleksandr Gavritov

R&D in natural and engineering sciences. Manufacturing of control and measuring devices; microprocessor industrial and educational equipment

Individual entrepreneur Aleksei Aleksandrov

R&D in the field of natural science and engineering. Consulting in computer engineering (Hard)

Mogilev ООО "Noosphera”

Development and launching of new science-intensive repairs of import industrial electronic equipment including devices of automatic adjustment

ODO “Technoplast”

Design and manufacturing of different-purpose products from glass-fiber plastic

OOO “AP and CO”

Development of software for automated remote management and monitoring

Private enterprise “Industrial Automatics”

Development and manufacturing of control and measuring devices, microprocessor industrial and educational equipment

Private enterprise “InsaneSoft”

Introduction of automated accounting systems

ОDО “Amikom”

Development and support of urban I&R systems. Software development

ОDО “Company “New Chemical Technologies”

Information and technology provision of new chemical technologies developed by MERCK KgaA.

ООО "Ecosphera-M

Design and development of technologies and execution of projects dealing with the production of construction materials and fuel, and utilization of wastes

ООО “Dalsvyaz”

Development and production of information transfer & reception equipment, equipment for sound/image recording & play

ООО “Ecology NPF

Operation in the field of architecture, engineering services. Development of innovative activities to reduce harmful effects of industrial enterprises on human environment

ООО “Ekomp NPP”

Development and manufacturing of fiber-optical devices for engineering and medical diagnostics

ООО “Electronic Safety and Communications Systems”

Assembly, adjustment, repairs and maintenance of transmitting equipment

ООО “Luxden Dental Office”

High tech medical services in dentistry

ООО “Stream”

Development and manufacturing of industrial controllers and intellectual input-output modules for inter-sectoral application