Riga Planning Region 
Country: Latvia
Address: Rīga, Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 18
Phone: + 371 6 7226430
Fax: + 371 6 7226431
Contact: Inga BRIEZE

Riga Planning Region (RPR) is a derived public entity that has been established on 12 October 2006, in accordance with the competences determined by Regional Development Law - coordination of the regional development planning, organization of cooperation among local municipalities and different state institutions, including: regional development planning, coordination, cooperation between local municipalities and other state institutions, elaboration, implementation as well as monitoring of the development planning documents, evaluation of the local and regional development documents, evaluation of the projects submitted by local municipalities and private persons, development and implementation of different projects (support activities of the regional development), consultation services provided by EU Structural Funds Information Centre, as well as tasks delegated by different state institutions like dissemination of the information on available finance instruments, coordination of the public transport etc. Riga Planning Region elaborates and implements different projects using them as an instrument for implementation of the regional development tasks, identified in the development documents. Support activities for the business environment are one of the main focuses of RPR’s projects. Institution implements such projects like SIB Net, Cult Identity, EU Strategy Goes Local, Global Vision etc. RPR is a Lead Partner of the IBI Net project mainly responsible for management issues as well as development of guidelines of IBI Net network and organizing of the contact exchange of BI and SMS.

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