Technology Centre of Western Pomerania 
Country: Germany
Address: Brandteichstraße 20
Phone: -
Contact: Benjamin TECHEN

The Technologiezentrum Fördergesellschaft mbH Vorpommern (TZV) was founded in 1991 as an independent, success-oriented service provider and as an incubator for companies in the region of Vorpommern. Its special expertise is linking technological knowledge with an extensive understanding of specific markets. It offers best conditions for implementation of ideas for the creation of a technology company or an innovative service. Also it assists young and established companies in its growth phases, in search for business partners and helps entering new markets. Currently, more than 2,600 square meters of laboratory and production space and 3,600 square meters of office space are used by 58 companies. The companies can expect customer-service and expert advice in the area of hiring, funding procurement and financial assistance as well as on the subjects’ innovation, consolidation, and product and market development. In the project the TZV is responsible for the work packages 4.2 & 4.3.: Developing IC tools for management and operations of business incubators. Modern technologies will help the partners to use best practice methods and therefore they can give an even better business support for start-ups. Developing finance instruments for business incubators in the BSR. The work package gives the partners a guideline and instruments for sustainability funding force to support businesses. Therefore the TZV will work with external expertise to offer the project the best fitting solutions.

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