Municipality of Elblag City  
Country: Poland
Address: Elbląg, ul. Łączności 1 82-300
Phone: + 48 55 239-30-00
Fax: + 48 55 239-33-30
Contact: Beata Dziuba

City Commune of Elbląg is a local self-governmental commune, with the area of approx. 79.83 km2 and 126,419 inhabitants. The Partner represents the Elbląg Incubator of Modern Informatics Technologies, created for supporting SMEs development, co-financed by the European Union. It was launched to create the best opportunities for start-up-companies in a field of advanced technologies, especially for the graduates of the State Higher Vocational School in Elbląg and the Technical University in Gdansk, as well as other informatics schools. There may also act other companies, indirectly connected with the informatics, but using computer specialized software and hardware. The Partner participates in implementation of all Work Packages of the Project. It will co-operate to establish efficient network of business incubators in BSR. Elbląg Incubator’s role is supporting the incubator with specialist trainings in order to strengthen incubator’s management team’s competence. The active participation in study visits will provide the partners with expertise and experience of Elbląg Incubator. In order to facilitate cooperation and development of innovative SMEs as well as support SMEs operating in incubators, the Partner will actively take part in all study visits, meetings and trainings. Dissemination good practices and arrangements different kinds of seminars and meetings will enable establishing business contacts between entrepreneurs from all countries involving in the project.

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