Innovation Centre Hedmark 
Region: Hedmark
Country: Norway
Address: HAMAR, Holsetgata 22
Phone: 99 54 01 00
Fax: 62 59 84 67
Contact: Øyvind Nordstrand

Incubator is part of the Hedmark Innovation Center and has been named Gründerhuset (Entrepreneur Hall). The incubator offers a stimulating environment, physical facilities and customized advice to newly established businesses. Networking (Cluster) Hedmark Innovation Center is to build business-enhancing and competence-developing network of individuals, businesses, research and educational institutions and public bodies with expertise. Project Management Hedmark Innovation Center is to identify, organize and implement concrete development projects. In addition to taking their own initiatives, we established systems and assist individual companies where it is desirable. Education Innovation Centre Hedmark offers training and education within the focus areas. It is particularly relevant to contribute expertise measures in recruitment and mentoring area above entrepreneurs and others who require assistance related to business development in the region. Consulting Hedmark Innovation Center offer tailored advice where requested and needed, or where the employees of the Hedmark Innovation Center have experience and/or knowledge that make them sought after in the mark. Our main scope of focus: Biotech mainly within plant and animal sector, Cultural based and tourist business, Games Studio Hamar. A cluster for gaming and creative arts. Hedmark Innovation Centre will participate actively in WP 3 and WP 4 in transferring the best practice on management of the business incubators using modern technologies. The partner will participate in activities for establishment and sustainability of IBI Net.

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