State Enterprise "Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU "Polytechnic" 
Region: Minsk
Country: Belarus
Address: 24 Ya. Kolasa str., Minsk, 220013, Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 17 292 35 41
Fax: +375 17 292 71 83
Contact: Nataliya Tamashevich

Republican Innovative Unitary Enterprise “Science and Technology Park of BNTU “Polytechnic” was established in 1992 as an educational, scientific and production centre with the strategic goal to commercialize the results of scientific and technical activities of Belarusian National Technical University through creation of new innovative enterprises and manufactures, as well as facilitation of entry into market for new R&D and innovative products. Today “Polytechnic” conducts its activity in the innovative sphere on numerous directions including research and development; manufacturing of innovative production, also based on the results of the research; numerous services of innovative character. In general, the Technopark aims at creation of favourable conditions (including research, material and technical and informational domains) for entrepreneurship development in the research and technology sphere; realization of the whole innovative process: search for novelty – manufacture of an innovative product –sale. All the conducted works complement each other: conduct of research and development prepares base for creation of new innovative enterprises and industries, the revenue gained in the result of the high technology production sale allows investing into Technopark’s further development as a party of innovative infrastructure. The Technopark offers informative, consulting, engineering and other innovative services at its own cost and expense and thus facilitate innovative development of enterprises. Sustainable position of the Technopark at the market allows making investments into the informational and marketing infrastructure. Nowadays the enterprise is operating as a distributed Technopark consisting of centers of technology transfer, informational and marketing centers, scientific and production subsidiary enterprise, which are located in universities and industries. Key functions of the Technological Park of the BNTU «Polytechnic»: Scientific research (research and development); Scientific and production (manufacture of high-tech products including those based on the R&D conducted at the Technopark); Informational and marketing (innovative services); Business incubation (facilitation of creation high-tech enterprises and industries). Since 1993 the Technopark has founded a number of enterprises, which became a start-up of Technopark’s business-incubation experience. Nowadays the Technopark is a founding shareholder of 7 innovative enterprises, and cofounder of 2 private limited liability companies. Within the organization operates The Interuniversity Centre for Marketing of the Scientific-Research Works. Its aim is not only to create an operational system of gathering and processing of marketing information in the field of scientific researches of different institutions, but it also coordinates the activities of the network of technology transfer, constantly renews the centralized database of more than 3000 developments of Belarusian scientists in different spheres. The system includes: • Web portals,, where analytical information on the conducted research and manufactured products for marketing is generated as well as relevant marketing information is collected; • University network of technology transfer centers and regional marketing centers; • Regular informational and marketing workshops, expertise system; • Guidance materials on conduct of marketing research, informational and promotional policy, business design and customs documents execution, etc. The infrastructure of the Technopark also includes the Innovation Enterprise Support Center, which is focused on informational support, of small and medium scale innovative enterprises, consultancy, informing about credit financing opportunities, information provision regarding grant opportunities, facilitation of cooperation of universities and innovative enterprises, higher educational establishments, students, other parties of innovative infrastructure. Scientific and Technological Park of the BNTU “Polytechnic” actively collaborates with national administration authorities (Ministry of Education of Republic of Belarus, State Committee on Science and), enterprises and financial structures (Belarusian Innovation Fund, Belpromstroibank), local executive authorities (Minsk city Executive Committee and other regional committees) assisting to create favourable conditions for MCP effective functioning, including its active participation in elaboration of legislative acts to regulate innovation activity and innovation infrastructure. Technological Park cooperates with governmental agencies in the sphere of scientists’ and university experts’ scientific and innovation activity by means of information and marketing support functioning included into optimized web-portal: information and advisory support (normative and methodological basis for research activities, background information, on-line consultancy, publications); promotion of cooperation and experience exchange , partner search – support to the students, graduate students, scientist, academic staff, responsible for R&D at Higher Educational Establishments, business leaders and organizations and persons interested in the union of interests and efforts, partner search for cooperation, promotion of experience exchange, obtaining the necessary and useful information; provision of continuous monitoring of scientific and research activities by means of information-analytical system of accounting materials and statistical surveys; marketing of scientific and technical products of universities by means of effective systems to collect, classify and store information in the database with constant updating to commercialize scientific research results at the innovation market in the country and abroad. Establishment of a permanent system for marketing information collection and processing in the sphere of scientific and research developments for classification and analysis, evaluation and dissemination of relevant, timely and accurate information intended to be used by R&D marketing experts at Universities and Ministry of Education in activity planning at the market of scientific and technical products. Facilitation of introduction of high-tech developments in the sphere of industrial and municipal waste management into industries and community facilities; transfer of research and development production (both technologies and information on them) to customers for achievement of national, economical, environmental, social and other targets, contributing to the national production competitiveness growth; facilitation of development of scientific and technological potential of the national R&D organizations and universities, which conduct research and development of waste management.

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